Dear Insurance Brokers/ Colleagues,

We work with the safety of our clients every day. It is safety that unites us all. Today, our common client is Ukraine - people who are fighting for freedom for themselves and for the whole of Europe!

Let us help them survive and rebuild what has been destroyed. Let us take care of them as effectively as we defend the security of our clients' businesses.

Therefore, we have launched a moneybox as part of the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) collection: SOS Ukraine.

Let's stand together, hand in hand, and do our best to collect as much as possible.


  • We support both as a transfer from the company and through individual contributions from willing colleagues in each team.
  • On this page we would like to show the logo of each brokerage company that joins the campaign and makes a donation in this piggy bank. Help and submit your logo using the Contact section

Each logo side by side, all brands in common purpose!

Our initiative was backed so far by:

If you wish to back our initiative, please use the form from our partner #siepomaga.

Initiative media partners


If you have any questions, or would like to join and support the campaign, please feel free to contact us. Supporting companies can submit their logo (in .jpg or .png format) for inclusion on the website alongside other committed Brokers.

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