The fruits are edible and sweet and juicy when ripe. Seagrape plants are one of the most popular edible fruit trees in the Bahamas. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It grows in dry coastal areas in tropical climates. Well be learning about 4 Native plants in Volume 1 . Going away from plants, there is a lot of game in Georgia as well, once again depending on where in Georgia you are. Flatten the wet pulp into cakes and bake. The Bahamas is a 5,358 square mile island nation that is situated within the Atlantic Ocean. They've historically been used to make string, baskets, rope and shoes. Like the allamanda, the yellow elder is a yellow, trumpet-shaped flower, although it is smaller than the allamanda and grows in clusters. Ash (Fraxinus sp.) The male cones are long and narrow, while the female cones, which holds the seeds, are wide and shorter and resemble a traditional pine cone. Its leaves are 1.5 inches long and have a dark bronze color.